Business owner shares story of success

Savio Sebastian, co-founder of shares how he started his own profitable business, what keeps him going and why he loves what he does.

By Bailey Hendricks

398 words

After Savio Sebastian’s his business partner, Todd Nevin, came to him with the idea of starting a business for an online registration company, Sebastian started creating the profitable website which is now called

“[Nevin] had the idea, but he needed someone who knew how to program well to implement it,” Sebastian said. “So, I came on as a partner and developed the site from scratch about six years ago, I believe. It took a few months to develop the initial version.”

Stone Alley offers online registration for recreation councils, website hosting and development, and also provides online stores for people.

“Most [clients] are from here in Baltimore County, in Carroll County there’s a lot, and we go as far out as Connecticut,” Sebastian said.

Since the website’s start six years ago, the website now hosts over 100 organizations as clients today on the website.  Stone Alley got most of its clients after their first client, Harford County Recreation Council, started telling other organizations how much they loved Stone Alley, according to Sebastian.

“Harford Recreation Council agreed to be our first client, and loved us,” Sebastian said. “And most of our client base now was spread from word of mouth from that rec council now.”

Sebastian said he has spent many long, sleepless nights working on programming Stone Alley’s website and has spent many evenings in various restaurants, such as Panera Bread and Starbucks, to talk to and work with clients since Stone Alley is still a small business and doesn’t have a home office yet. Sebastian also has a full-time job and spends most of his free time working, but says his motivation is being able to create something new.

“I like the development and the design as well because I like creating things,” Sebastian said. “And programming and doing graphic design and stuff – you’re creating something out of nothing and I really like doing that.”

Looking towards the future, Sebastian said he sees there is still lots of room for growth in his business and he has discussed expanding his business and moving into different categories.

“You really have to look at the market and see what your competition is before you dive into it,” Sebastian said. “When we started, there wasn’t many people doing online registration in our area so we were able to jump into that as things were starting to move online here.”



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