Spring Maryland Home and Garden Show attracts visitors and exibitors

By Bailey Hendricks

385 words

The Maryland Home and Garden Show kicked off its spring show on March 4 by attracting a crowd of visitors and exhibitors.

In addition to the home and garden part of the show – where visitors could purchase anything from a power wash service for their house, to a new Jacuzzi, to a number of plants –  the event at the Maryland State Fairgrounds also held a craft show located in the Exhibition Hall of the fairgrounds.

The craft show had a variety of exhibitors – with companies like Yobi, who sells upscale bean bag chairs, and a company called Tiger Torre, who sells handmade leather masks.

Owner of Tiger Torre Jennifer Torre said the opening day of this year’s spring Home and Garden Show was pleasant.

“Our opening day has been alright and so far it has been an enjoyable experience,” Torre said. “The event itself is well organized from a vendor stand point. We’ve seen a lot of different people come through and got a lot of compliments on products, so it’s been nice.”

Owner of Paint my World Amanda Farnum was at the craft show to sell her handmade paint by number kits.

“I wouldn’t say it’s my record-breaking sales day, but it’s okay,” Farnum said. “I wouldn’t want to leave the house if I didn’t have to because it’s 20 degrees out.”

Although the weather may not have been what Farnum was hoping for on the opening day of the spring craft show, visitors Veneese Sebastian and her husband Savio Sebastian said they had a great time spending the day together.

“I enjoyed my time today,” Veneese Sebastian said. “It was nice that the crowds were lighter than I have seen in the past years, which made it nice to actually get to see more vendors. I was, however, disappointed that there were less craft vendors than I have seen in past years. But overall [the show was] a great way to spend some time with the family.”

One exhibitor sold bonsai trees, an ornamental plant. This exhibitor said bonsai only grow one inch a year.

“My favorite stand was the bonsai tree stand,” Savio Sebastian, of Reisterstown said. “They took years to grow and lots of patience.”

The spring show will continue for its second and last weekend of the year on Friday.



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